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At Thumbchef Marketplace, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem which is how do we grow people’s businesses. People are usually faced with the problem of sacrificing a great experience or product because they can’t afford it or lose out on a great business opportunity because they don’t have a large enough database of customers, Gone are those days. Thumbchef  is your gateway to online shopping. We help businesses connect to millions of customers both nationally and internationally with our vast database.

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. At Thumbchef Marketplace Our Aim is to add value to your business by increasing your online presence through our Marketplace, building loyal customers and increase your turnover.  Today we provide the most affordable online presence where businesses and clients meet to service one another’s needs which could be finding a deal for the client and just increasing your clients for the business . We want to make deals available to as many people as possible at a click of a button (not just the top 5%).



Sourcing clients

By unique our advertising online guerrilla style advertising  and social me micro influencer marketing we are able to grow an audience of a business in a matter of hours.

Creating Value

We pride our-self as the most accountable online Marketplace, apart from our growing state of the art security systems we also make sure that all the merchants on our platform are of the highest quality and the deals are credible.

Building Brands

Our brand is our pride and so should yours. We are dedicated to growing people’s brand awareness by increasing their online presence. The more you win is the more we win.

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